Messi is the best player in the last decade: Pele 19-Oct-2015


Argentine forward Lionel Messi (Source: Xinhunaet)

BUENOS AIRES, Oct. 12 (Xinhua) -- Brazilian soccer legend Pele on Monday said Argentine forward Lionel Messi is "the best player" in the last decade, local media reported.

The Brazilian did not want to get into an argument and also praised Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo.

"Many people compare Messi to Ronaldo, but they are different players. Both are fantastic," said Pele

Pele was asked if he had intention to lead the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA), but he clearly said no.

"No, I do not have intention to be president of FIFA," he said.

Pele also avoided comparing "players from the past" and players who are currently active.

"I do not have any doubt that today football is tougher than before, but when God makes you play it, it is the same in all generations," he said.