List of the richest people or the most powerful businesmen in Cambodia 14-Feb-2012


 (Photo: Kith Meng by Agnes Dherbeys) 
This list is not ranked by their fortune brcause we don´t know how much they have exactly but we know that al of these people are the richest in Cambodia.

1. Kith Meng (Royal Group)
2.Kith Thieng (Royal group)
3. Mong Rithy (Mong Rithy Group)
4.Sok Kong (SOKIMEX. Co. Ltd)
5.Men Sarun (Men Sarun Co., Ltd)
6. Suy Sophan (Yeay Phan) (PhanImex)
7. Lao Meng Khin (PheapImex)
8. Khaou Phallaboth (Khaou Chully MKK Co.)
9. Khaou Chully (Khaou Chully MKK Co.)
10. Suy Kung Triv (KT Pacific Group)
11. In Bun Hoav 

12. Ly Yong Phat (L.Y.P. group)
13. Sorn Sokna (Sokimex Group)
14. Phou Puy (President of Commerce Chamber in Battambong)
15. Sang Tan
16. Nang Sothy (Royal Phospahte Limited)
17.So Ngoun (So Ngoun Transportation and Service Import Export Co., Ltd)
18. Ly Say Khieng (LSK Group Holding)
19. Sam Ang (Vattanac Bank)
20.Soung Chhiv (Doung Chhiv Export and Import)
21. Kok An (ANCO Brother Co.,Ltd)
22. Te Taing Por (LTP Lien Phong International Investment Co., Ltd)
23. Keo Maly ( Takeo Chamber of Commerce)

Oknha is a prestigious title that any wealthy Cambodian aspires to hold. This award of honor was created more than ten years ago and is aimed at those, men and women, who contribute to the construction and development of the Kingdom. These men and women are mostly influential business people who are connected with the high circles of the ruling power and know, for some of them, how to use this title in order to obtain preferential treatment.

NOTE: No corrupt politicians and members of Hun Xen´s family and relatives are listed here.